Windows 7 Tricks – Download Free EBook

You might have been using Windows 7 for a long time. But still, do you know all the tricks and tips of Windows 7? Ask yourself do you know about all the secret features that you may have missed. Most of the users who have Windows 7 installed on their PCs, I’m sure that they use Windows 7 only for its awesome interface, and because it’s the latest stable version in Windows series.

Although Microsoft has announced Windows 8 developer preview but it’s aimed at the developers, not normal users as you can expect bugs and weird goings-on throughout. The Stable build of Windows 8 is expected to launch at some point in fall 2012.

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You might be knowing most of the tricks and features in Windows 7. Today I’m sharing an eBook on Windows 7, which covers all the hidden features and ways to enhance Windows 7 experience, that is available for download. It’s a 113 pages eBook that includes 50+ tricks and tips about Windows 7.

Windows 7 Tricks – Download Free EBook

The eBook is titled as “Windows 7: Tips & Tricks” , is for people who have Windows 7 and want to go one step further in experience. It contains a compilation of the finest Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 and also contains a bonus section for Windows 7 Applications.

To download Windows 7 Tricks and Tips eBook, just follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the eBook page. Fill in the form with your appropriate data like email and name and click submit.
  • You have to enter your correct email address, as you’ll be receiving the download link of the eBook in the email that you’ve provided in the form.
  • Once you’ve have filed the form, just check your inbox. You should receive an email containing the download link of the free eBook. Just click on the link and the download should automatically start.

Important to note that this eBook is completely free of cost. In case, you’re asked for any kind of payment, simple skip the step and look for the free download link.

Do let me know how much Windows 7 after reading this eBook.

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