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It’s been 3 days now since the launch of Windows 8 and you have probably played with the first release of Windows 8 by now. I’m a regular visitors of various forums. I found that people are searching ways to enable Windows 7 style start menu in Windows 8. This is possible by tweaking registry values in Regedit.

But if you’re a newbie and don’t want to edit registry values manually, I’ve come across a tool that will do the work for you. With this tool, you can switch back and forth between Windows 8 start screen and Windows style start menu. The tool will automatically change the registry values for you so that you don’t need to open Regedit window.

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Also, note that after installing the tool on your PC, Metro UI and Explorer Ribbon UI will be disabled. But you’ll be provided with a button so that you can easily switch back and forth between two interfaces.

windows 8 start menu

Download Windows 7 Style Start Menu tool (Direct Link)

Second tool – MetroController – I’m talking about does the work same as the above tool. But it has more advanced features. It allows you to select which interface you want to disable from your Windows 8 screen. You can disable only Metro UI or only disable Explorer Ribbon UI. I think you should use this tool.

When you launch the tool, you just have to click the desired button from the tool window and and it’ll automatically enable/disable the mentioned features in Windows 8.

Download Metro Controller For Windows 8

Download Metro Controller For Windows 8 (Direct Link)

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