How To Change The ‘Start’ Text In Windows 8 Start Screen

If you’ve tested Windows 8 developer preview, you must have used the new metro style start screen that appears when we click on the start button. The metro style screen contains tiles for apps and services in Windows. You may have noticed the ‘Start’ text, which is written on the top of the Windows 8’s Metro start screen.

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There is no general way to change the text. But I’ve found a way to display your desired text at the top of Metro Start screen. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change the ‘Start’ text in windows 8 start screen.

Change The ‘Start’ Text In Windows 8 Start Screen

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Note: If you follow the tutorial posted below, it means you’re going to edit some Windows file. I’d recommend you to stay away from it if you don’t know anything about editing Windows files.

Follow the step by step instructions:

1) Go to C:\Windows\System32\en_US and find the twinui.dll.mui file.

2) Now save a backup copy of this file elsewhere on your computer.

3) Download Resource Ha*ker (It’s freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources freeware utility from here) from here.

4) Take ownership and control of twinui.dll.mui.

5) Launch Resource Ha*ker utility. Click on ‘File’ > ‘Open’ and type ‘C:\Windows\System32\en_US\twinui.dll.mui’ in the text box and press enter.

6) Expand String Table 235 from the tree view and then click on 3751.

7) Change text from “Start” to whatever you want on your start screen. You can also delete the line to delete the text.

8 ) Click on the “Compile Script” button on top of the rightmost window.

9) Now save the file and reboot your computer to see the changes.

10) If it doesn’t take effect, go to ‘C:\Windows\System32’ and run the mcbuilder.exe file. Restart your computer again.

That’s it!! The new text should appear on the Windows 8 metro start screen. Please share the post if you liked it. Check out more tricks and tips on Windows 8.

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