‘Google Now’ Apk File Download For Ice Cream Sandwich

Rejoice Android Users – You have one more reason to stick to and love your Android device. As you may know by now that Google has already announced the Jelly Bean update and will be rolling it out in the coming months for supportable devices. One of the most talked about features of the latest Android update is the virtual assistant of its own platform which is named as ‘Google Now’.

‘Google Now’ works kind of like Siri in iPhones. You can call ‘Google Now’ the official Siri of Android operating system. Since the time it was announced at the Google I/O event a couple of weeks back, all Android users wishing to get this ‘Virtual Assistant’ in their phones, even though we already know that it’s available only on devices running Jelly Bean, and at the moment there are only two devices – Google Nexus and Nexus 7 – which are chosen to be the first ones to get taste of Jelly Bean.

We all know, considering the time taken to have the official Ice Cream Sandwich update in our devices, that it’ll take a minimum of 3-4 months to roll out the Jelly Bean update to public. But if your phone is running Ice Cream Sandwich update, you don’t have to wait more to get your hands on ‘Google Now’, as some clever folks from Xda-Developer forum has extracted the virtual assistant from Jelly Bean and ported it over on devices running ICS.

Google Now For Ice Cream Sandwich

To get ‘Google Now’ working in your device, you have to have a rooted phone running any ICS AOSP-based ROMs such as CyanogenMod. It requires rooting because you’ll need to manually edit some system files to get it working in your phone. All the instructions from editing the system file to installing the apk file were mentioned in the original thread at XDA-Developer community and below as well. You’ll need ‘Root Explorer’ to navigate to the system files.

  • Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system
  • Now Open build.prop in Text Editor.
  • Edit ro.build.version.sdk = 16 & save.
  • Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  • Now reboot & install the apk file from this link.
  • Now edit build.prop & change ro.build.version.sdk = 15 & reboot.

Although the procedure is quite simple. Nonetheless if you face any problem, I suggest that you ask directly on that XDA-Developer thread and believe me it’s such a wonderful community, everyone will be there and happy to help you.

If you’re excited about being the first one among your friends to get ‘Google Now’ feature in your device, you might also like ‘Google Ears/Song Search’ app, which comes pre-loaded with Jelly Bean, but there is now an apk file of the app that you can directly install in your ICS device (No rooting Required) and get it working right away.

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