Disable Your Notebook Touchpad While Typing With Touchpad Blocker

Most of the Laptop owners prefer to use a USB mouse instead of Touch Pad. This is because USB mouse is much easier to use especially when you’re doing your professional work.

Has this ever happened to you that you’re typing on your notebook and accidently touched the touchpad so that your mouse cursor moves to a another place of text? This is really annoying specially when you have to do your work fast. To get rid of this annoying problem, all you need is Touchpad blocker.

Touchpad Blocker is a small program that locks the touchpad activity for some time if some key has been pressed and disables annoying mouse events. Touchpad is very useful device, but it’s usually located right under your hands when you are typing. Accidental touch by palm moves cursor to another place of text.

Touchpad Blocker Lets You Disable Mouse Events

Features of Touchpad Blocker

  • Blocking time format changed from milliseconds to seconds.
  • Option to block move and wheel events added.
  • Ability to enable and disable touchpad device (for Synaptics only) added.
  • PingNotiry event tracking added.

Touchpad Blocker is a must have software for notebook owners who prefer to use touchpad instead of mouse or other pointing devices. The application helps the user to type text as fast as possible by locking mouse events during a small period after any key were pressed. It’s a freeware.

Download Touchpad Blocker For Windows PC (Size = 450KB) (Direct Link)

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