Apple’s Siri Now Speaks Hindi

Last year when the iPhone 4S was launched, Apple introduced a virtual assistant named SIRI. Since the time it was introduced to the world, SIRI has been used by people from all over the world who know English language. Anyone can talk with SIRI as long as he or she uses English language with an American accent.

As of now, English is the only SIRI supported language but according to the recent rumors buzzing around all over the Internet, it’s being said that Apple’s SIRI will be soon made available in Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean and Russian language in the coming months.

Siri Speaking Hindi

There is no official talk of SIRI launching for Indian language Hindi, but a clever folk has done it. He has made SIRI speak Hindi with a little help of proxy server. I don’t have much knowledge about these proxy servers. If you feel like sharing anything about proxy servers of SIRI, it would be appreciated.

Here’s the video in which SIRI is speaking Hindi language. In this video, SIRI responds to some simple questions like ‘Who are you’ and ‘How are you’, but according to Kunal, there’s still lots of work left to make SIRI respond to all questions with relevant answers.

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