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Hola, here’s a good news for Angry Birds fans out there. Rovio, the company behind the popular Angry Birds game, has started promoting the new version of Angry Birds Space. You may know about the Curiosity Rover that was sent to Mars on November 2011 as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission and landed on the surface of Red Planet on August 5th.

Angry Birds Space Red Planet

According to Rovio, Curiosity Rover found wingless birds and evil pigs over there too. Now what does that mean? Yeah, you got it right. The next instalment of block-buster action puzzled game is set on Mars, which is called Angry Birds Space Red Planet. You can check out the first preview of the game, uploaded by Rovio on their Youtube channel.

This is an update to the previous Angry Birds Space and no matter what, Angry Birds Space Red Planet is going to break all download records (Thanks to Mars Curiosity Rover). 20 new levels has been added to the game with all new astronaut pigs. The official blog post by Rovio states, “The piggies have hijacked the Curiosity Mars Rover — but instead of searching for ice crystals, they’re looking for eggs! Dodge explosive volcanoes and fire asteroids as you blast through 20 fiery levels!”

Angry Birds Space Red Planet update has been pushed out for Android and iPhone version. Users can now download the update and help birds to rescue other trapped birds from evil pigs. You can head to official download page of Angry Birds Space.

Have you completed all the levels of Angry Birds’ previous versions? What are you waiting for? You have 20 new levels to play. Have fun!! Meanwhile, you can tell your friends and family about the latest update of Angry Birds game by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter profile.

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